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December 25, 2009

Why a website might not produce results

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Many websites, especially small business websites, are little more than an online business card.  This has nothing to do with the size of the website, but more with the characteristics that result in only that online business card.

We believe that all websites must have the following characteristics.

Calls to action.  Visitors will visit websites to look for information and once they are done, they will move to another website.  After they are done with their research, which included visiting several websites, then they will decide the action they will take.  Successful websites have effective calls to action.  These calls to action invite users to contact the website owner.  Does your website have calls to action?

Marketing approach.  The website is not the focus of a marketing campaign but a component of it.  There must be an Internet marketing program where a website is the key component of it.  Once there is complete program in place, then the website can be developed to accomplish its role in this united effort.  What is your marketing strategy?

Website traffic.  With a complete Internet marketing program in mind, some components will create traffic to the website.  This may include search engine optimization, links, and various social media tools.   The effort is not just traffic but the right traffic.  Does your website attract the right traffic?

There are other characteristics that influence the success of a website.  If you have a website already, or if you do not yet have a website, contact us at and learn what those characteristics are.


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