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September 21, 2010

IE 9 Beta

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IE9 Beta Cons
The interface isn’t finished.

They’re going for the minimalist UI look that’s popular in browsers these days, with a definite air of Chromeishness to the layout and just a hint of Firefox musk to balance things out. It’s a good direction to go in, and I have high hopes that the final product will be nice indeed.

In this version, the address bar is quite cramped due to being stuck in between the navigation buttons and the tabs.

IE9 Beta Pros
IE9 shows improvements. Most of them fall into “playing catch-up”, but in one big, important area, Microsoft has managed to grab a competitive position. Though Firefox barely beat them to being first, IE9 is in a pretty strong position with hardware accelerated graphics.

In Microsoft’s FishIE Tank test, IE9 was able to maintain 36 frames per second with 1000 fish.

Full-screen browsing, also known as Kiosk Mode in some circles.

Internet Explorer has come a long way.



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