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January 15, 2011

2011 trends in website design

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A new year is upon us – 2011.  It is time to mention some website design trends for 2011. 

Technology.  We expect some impact on websites because of technology improvements.  For example there will be less flash animation used and replaced by JavaScript (which is more compact) and HTML5.  There will be continued implementations of Flash but there are alternatives.   In fact, we spoke with one of our flash developers for a particular project and he suggested that we employ JavaScript to complete the animation.

 There will be additional implementations of CSS3.

Design.  There will be further use of one-page websites.  This is a convenient format for many websites.  The general column format will diminish and replaced by editorial (magazine) like design.  This may be more compatible with one-page sites, too.

Google introduced enhancements with fonts that will allow a greater variety of fonts to be used.  That means that more font styles will be used.

Larger sized headers were employed in 2010 and we expect that to be more commonly used this year.  Relatedly, footers will include more content, including more links.

A significant trend in recent years has been the use of portrait format sites.  However with fewer portrait format sites being deployed, plus the greater use of one-page websites, we may start to see a growth in landscape and wider websites.

We’ve also noticed larger graphics as background images – of course it would be something compatible with the content.  Relatedly we should see simpler color schemes used – and fewer colors, too.

Summary.  These are just sketches of the 2011 trends for websites.  We will provide more detail soon.


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  1. I agree with your assumption.

    Comment by janeyquiel — January 28, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

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