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June 14, 2010


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There has been a lot of interest in the new 4G phones.  There are so many reasons why these phones will be popular.

1. Video conferencng.

Let’s stop here. That’s a good enough reason.


October 28, 2009

How to use Gmail

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I have been using Google’s Gmail for a while, primarily just to have an account that I could use on my Blackberry.  I never liked the idea of getting all of my email there routinely since these smart phones are not as easy to use as a laptop.  For example I have to enter data with two thumbs instead of the more convenient two handed typing.  Gmail does have some favorable characteristics:

1) It’s free

2) Is a great spam eradicator

3) Can retrieve email from other POP3 email systems

4) Easily connects with smart phones

What this means is that you can easily do e-mail on your smart phone connected with your email account.   We knew this but the prospect of combining email systems using Gmail as the collector sounded appealing.

I have a Blackberry 8220 (flip perl).  I used the standard email utility to connect with my account.  Recently I downloaded a Gmail application for Blackberry.  Now I can routinely receive and compose email using my Blackberry.

Wait.  There’s more.

I easily setup my Gmail to get mail from my personal Earthlink account.  I got bold enough to say that email can be deleted from the Earthlink server once the email was successfully retrieved by Gmail.

Since I already had Gmail connected with my Blackberry, I now receive email with one Inbox that contains my Gmail addressed and Earthlink addressed mail.  I am considering also doing the same thing with my work email, but haven’t quite taken that step yet.  But for people who are “on the road” a lot and therefore away from their laptops, then this is a great to say email-connected.

We give this a PLUS.

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