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July 25, 2011


Flash is software that enable you to produce animated visuals for a website.  However Flash does not work as well on mobile devices. 

Flash takes a longer amount of time to load.

Flash sites do not do well with search engine optimization.  It is difficult to “read” a Flash page.

Should you do flash?  What do you think?


January 9, 2011

Searching at social network sites

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We’ve been saying for a few years that habits had changed about searching the Internet.  Traditionally search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) had been used.  As social media sites became more popular, users started their searches from those sites.  Our recommendations to our customers was to make sure they were present on the better social media sites so they could be found there.

We focused on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

More recent trends indicate that this happening and some experts suggest that the browser will eventually go away but clearly not in the near future.  Since browsers represent a advertising revenue, the logical conclusion is that social network sites also represents advertising revenue. 

For an advertiser, search via social network sites has interesting advantages.  These sites have some profile information that can be used for more targeted advertising.  More about that another time.

December 11, 2010

Google laptop

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Google continues to promote its Chrome operating system.  It announced (December 7) that Acer and Samsung will release new laptops in mid-2011.

These laptops will come with free wireless connectivity.  They will boot up on seconds.  In addition these devices will support the concept of Web computing where consumers use online applications rather than applications loaded on their computers.  The Chrome laptops will run on the Internet rather than running an operating system on the hard drive.

If successful, this will threaten Microsoft’s Office applications.  Chrome browser is third behind Microsoft and Firefox.  But it does have 120 million users.

December 7, 2010


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Google Chrome will be enhanced to improve its speed with a project named “Crankshaft”.

Recent statistics indicate that this browser is used by 120 million users.

September 21, 2010

IE 9 Beta

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IE9 Beta Cons
The interface isn’t finished.

They’re going for the minimalist UI look that’s popular in browsers these days, with a definite air of Chromeishness to the layout and just a hint of Firefox musk to balance things out. It’s a good direction to go in, and I have high hopes that the final product will be nice indeed.

In this version, the address bar is quite cramped due to being stuck in between the navigation buttons and the tabs.

IE9 Beta Pros
IE9 shows improvements. Most of them fall into “playing catch-up”, but in one big, important area, Microsoft has managed to grab a competitive position. Though Firefox barely beat them to being first, IE9 is in a pretty strong position with hardware accelerated graphics.

In Microsoft’s FishIE Tank test, IE9 was able to maintain 36 frames per second with 1000 fish.

Full-screen browsing, also known as Kiosk Mode in some circles.

Internet Explorer has come a long way.

September 13, 2010

Facebook vs Google

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A recent survey by Comscore revealed that users spend more time on Facebook than searching on Google. The average user spends almost 10% of his time on Facebook.

Two other statistics pertaining to Americans:

– 41.1 million minutes on Facebook vs 39.8 miutes searching Google
– 9.9% of online time using Facebook vs 9.6% of online using Google

Who is king of the hill now?

August 22, 2010

Yahoo and Microsoft take on Google

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Yahoo and Microsoft are working on a joint project to collaborate on Internet search.  The companies hope to meet their fall deadline to launch this joint venture.

Their hope?  Close the gap against their joint rival, Google, with Internet search.

Search engine advertisers are willing to spend money with Yahoo and (Microsoft’s) Bing, but aren’t seeing sufficient traffic from them.

Do you think Yahoo and Microsoft can pull this off?

January 4, 2010

Browser usage

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A recent report published at showed IE to have the largest share of the browser market.  IE was followed by Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You will notice that Chrome is now the third most popular browser.

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