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August 6, 2010

Is it a WAVE goodbye?

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This week, Google announced that is was ceasing further development on its Wave product (or at least that’s when we heard it).  The reason? A lack of user adoption.  Google Wave was released only fourteen months ago with  major pronouncements that this product would change the way the world would share and exchange information.  Apparantly that hasn’t happened.

We expected great things but it seems that we may have been optimistic.  Here are some comments – not in priority order.

  • New technologies and cultural changes take time.  Since we’re looking at less than fifteen months, there hasn’t been enough time for adoption. 
  • Most of the early users were technology people including developers. The interest was to evaluate this platform.  Once that was done, then they were done.  Technologists are averse to the communications that Google Wave was created to facilitate.
  • Google did not “terminate” Wave – only ceased further development. That means that its components could be re-purposed in another product.  The idea is great but must be presented better and differently.
  • The specific implementation of Google Wave was clumsy.  It was difficult to get invitations to register as a user.  It was difficult to use.  We used it on projects but we found that only a core that became familiar with the product could use it – those that needed to be trained were discouraged early from using it and never did adopt it.

This won’t be the first time that Google has flubbed.  But Google has always landed on its feet. Would Wave functionality fit with Docs?  Or Gmail?  Or will another developer take the concepts of Wave and build a successful product?

Stay tuned.


October 28, 2009

How to use Gmail

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I have been using Google’s Gmail for a while, primarily just to have an account that I could use on my Blackberry.  I never liked the idea of getting all of my email there routinely since these smart phones are not as easy to use as a laptop.  For example I have to enter data with two thumbs instead of the more convenient two handed typing.  Gmail does have some favorable characteristics:

1) It’s free

2) Is a great spam eradicator

3) Can retrieve email from other POP3 email systems

4) Easily connects with smart phones

What this means is that you can easily do e-mail on your smart phone connected with your email account.   We knew this but the prospect of combining email systems using Gmail as the collector sounded appealing.

I have a Blackberry 8220 (flip perl).  I used the standard email utility to connect with my account.  Recently I downloaded a Gmail application for Blackberry.  Now I can routinely receive and compose email using my Blackberry.

Wait.  There’s more.

I easily setup my Gmail to get mail from my personal Earthlink account.  I got bold enough to say that email can be deleted from the Earthlink server once the email was successfully retrieved by Gmail.

Since I already had Gmail connected with my Blackberry, I now receive email with one Inbox that contains my Gmail addressed and Earthlink addressed mail.  I am considering also doing the same thing with my work email, but haven’t quite taken that step yet.  But for people who are “on the road” a lot and therefore away from their laptops, then this is a great to say email-connected.

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