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February 21, 2011

Basic SEO for Facebook

Since Facebook fan pages are indexed by Google, then it only makes sense to optimize the content of the fan pages.  That means you should have your important keywords appear that relate to your business.  Some would say “keyword rich” content. 

When optimizing websites, the emphasis is not necessarily on the company name but rather on the company activities. When optimizing for Facebook, be sure to include the company name.   When searching for Facebook content, company name is often used.

To be continued …


July 9, 2010

Internet marketing for REALTORS

This is the first of two articles directed toward REALTORS.  Here are some general thoughts about Internet marketing of your website.

FOCUS.  You need a focused niche in real estate and then direct your market message to support that niche. Buyers and sellers are not interested in a REALTOR that they perceive as a generalist.  They want to work with people experienced in the niche that they fit. Consumers may not understand what niche they’re in, but they want their REALTOR to be there.

For example, a REALTOR can work with first time buyers or seniors.  A REALTOR can focus on specific cities, tracts, or neighborhoods.

STRATEGY.  Three primary elements an overall Web strategy includes:

-A branded IDX solution that includes mechanisms to to capture leads. Many of the IDX applications offered by MLSs are sophisticated solutions that include means for lead capture.
-A means to follow-up with leads to get engaged in their home search process. This can range from run-of-the-mill DRIP campaigns to packaging information for consumers drawn from multiple sources. 
-A connection between your offline marketing to your Internet marketing so there is synergy between the two.

ADD CONTENT. Google and other search engines like new content.  An easy way to do this is to add new pages with the new content.  Create some form of a blog in your site which increases the content on your site.

These factors will help increase the website’s visibility and appeal to search engines.  They will also help grab attention and increase the likelihood of consumers returning to your website.

More to follow. Stay tuned.

June 26, 2010

Leads – what is acceptable?

We mentioned in a previous post that websites show a wide range of results in lead generation.  Many REALTORS are converting about 1% to 2% of their visitors to  leads.  Other industries are getting approximately 8% to 10%. 

One report from a major website development company said that a successful website would generate these statistics:

– about 2 visitors per day or 60 visitors per month

– about 3 leads generated monthly or about 5% visitor to lead conversions.

Many REALTORS may not be producing the results that they should.

How should website owners measure their leads?  Our measurements are primarily based on leads that come from submitting online forms.  In addition, other contacts are also leads – for example, email and telephone calls.  All of this should be considered.

More in our next post.

June 19, 2010

Improve lead generation

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The vast majority of websites generate leads from about 1% of their visitors.  For every 1,000 visitors, there are 10 leads.  

These leads result from calls to action to “learn more about…” or “find out you can do this, too…”.  It could be another call to action but it would be similar.  The assumed characteristics are a visitor who is shopping and is just trying to gain more information. In other words, it is a visitor who is early in their sales cycle.

We have typical customers who generate leads from 1.5 to 2% of their visitors. These also have the same characteristics that were described earlier.

real estate.  Visitors are (1) asking for a free comparative market analysis or (2) a general quote to ask a real estate queston.

However we have other customers who achieve a very large number of visitors or a much higher percentage of leads – as much as 8 to 10% of their visitors.  Here is what we immediately know about the leads that are being generated.

day spa.  Visitors are trying to (1) set an appointment or (2) order gift certificates as gifts.

moving company.  Visitors are asking for a free quote for a specific move.

modern florists. Visitors are asking for more information and prices for a special event they are planning (wedding or party).

What do we learn from this?

Check out our next post to see what we learned.

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