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July 9, 2010

Internet marketing for REALTORS

This is the first of two articles directed toward REALTORS.  Here are some general thoughts about Internet marketing of your website.

FOCUS.  You need a focused niche in real estate and then direct your market message to support that niche. Buyers and sellers are not interested in a REALTOR that they perceive as a generalist.  They want to work with people experienced in the niche that they fit. Consumers may not understand what niche they’re in, but they want their REALTOR to be there.

For example, a REALTOR can work with first time buyers or seniors.  A REALTOR can focus on specific cities, tracts, or neighborhoods.

STRATEGY.  Three primary elements an overall Web strategy includes:

-A branded IDX solution that includes mechanisms to to capture leads. Many of the IDX applications offered by MLSs are sophisticated solutions that include means for lead capture.
-A means to follow-up with leads to get engaged in their home search process. This can range from run-of-the-mill DRIP campaigns to packaging information for consumers drawn from multiple sources. 
-A connection between your offline marketing to your Internet marketing so there is synergy between the two.

ADD CONTENT. Google and other search engines like new content.  An easy way to do this is to add new pages with the new content.  Create some form of a blog in your site which increases the content on your site.

These factors will help increase the website’s visibility and appeal to search engines.  They will also help grab attention and increase the likelihood of consumers returning to your website.

More to follow. Stay tuned.


January 7, 2010

Using IDX

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IDX is one of the services that most MLSs provide for their members so that member websites can display property information.  It is a “no brainer” that this function should be used by every realtor for their website.

Depending upon the MLS, IDX may provide some good lead capture mechanisms. We suggest the following:

– there should be a way to capture the visitor’s basic contact information.  The issue is when to do it.  If you do it at the beginning of a property search session, then the visitor will likely exit the website.  Some IDX applications provide options to do this either before they view a specific listing or after viewing listing details.

– while viewing a detail listing, invite the visitor to “schedule an appointment”, “receive an email showing the listing detail”, or “save the result” so they look at it later.  These calls to action will generate qualified leads.

– some IDX applications provide the capability to set up searches for specific cities, zip codes, communities, farm area, or neighborhoods. If your IDX application provides this capability, then you should set it up so for the popular searches for your visitors.

IDX is a required application or component for every real estate website.  But don’t stop there.  Take advantage of it so that it becomes a lead generation tool.

For a better understanding of how to implement IDX with a website that supports IDX, please contact WebCubic at

October 13, 2009

Content sources

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It is important for websites to have meaningful content.  This not only adds value for the visitor when he/she visits the website, but it also provides you, the website owner, to engage the visitor. 

One of the ways to add such content is to incorporate content based on good third party products.  For real estate professionals and their real estate websites, one recently available products comes from ZingDing (visit their website at

ZingDing uses photos, music, and special effects to assemble pleasing photo presentations.

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