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June 8, 2010

Be careful of fraud

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There is a new term “cybersquatting” that applies to a scam.  The scam is when someone  uses the domain name of a familiar company and launches a copycat site to deceive online shoppers.  Not exactly the same domain name but one that is very similar.

Common characteristics of such sites

  • You should carefully inspect the domain name.  Assume that even a very slight change from the company’s name and normal website indicates an attempted scam. That includes extra words, such as TiffanyonSale or SterlingTiffany and anything but the usual .com or .org ending.
  • Customer service telephone numbers are normally bogus and others connect to fax machines so you can’t reach anyone.  Avoid any website that has no posted phone number.
  • Check out the domain name to make sure the right company owns it.  You can do a “whois”. Take a look at the suffix.  If the name sounds right but it uses the suffix of a foreign country it may be a scam.

Be careful that you don’t become a victim of a scam.  Not every bargain is a bargain.


January 7, 2010

Using IDX

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IDX is one of the services that most MLSs provide for their members so that member websites can display property information.  It is a “no brainer” that this function should be used by every realtor for their website.

Depending upon the MLS, IDX may provide some good lead capture mechanisms. We suggest the following:

– there should be a way to capture the visitor’s basic contact information.  The issue is when to do it.  If you do it at the beginning of a property search session, then the visitor will likely exit the website.  Some IDX applications provide options to do this either before they view a specific listing or after viewing listing details.

– while viewing a detail listing, invite the visitor to “schedule an appointment”, “receive an email showing the listing detail”, or “save the result” so they look at it later.  These calls to action will generate qualified leads.

– some IDX applications provide the capability to set up searches for specific cities, zip codes, communities, farm area, or neighborhoods. If your IDX application provides this capability, then you should set it up so for the popular searches for your visitors.

IDX is a required application or component for every real estate website.  But don’t stop there.  Take advantage of it so that it becomes a lead generation tool.

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